Austin, TX 78752

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All About ATX 3D Publishing

ATX 3D Publishing LLC is a small 3D print-on-demand business based out of Austin, Texas. Even in the limited time since our founding, we have become known for fast turn times and quality services. My company was born out of a passion for 3D printing and a practical background in engineering.

With a MS in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University, I have spent a fair share of my time working researching, debugging, and designing. This is no exception for my various personal 3D printing endeavors, embedded systems designs, and hardware projects. I get excited with new technology and strive to get the most out of my printing devices. I also welcome any opportunity to educate others and expand my own knowledge on the subject.

I look forward to working with you to print whatever you need, whether it be based on art, tools. hobbies, gadgets, tabletop pieces, fantasy miniatures, or even cosplay props. Alternatively, if design and prototyping is more your are of interest, I look forward to helping you improve and iterate on your best work.