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We use Treatstock as a platform for express printing and nationwide shipping. It is a great tool if you know what you need printed, have your design files ready, and have a material & color decided. Please use the Treatstock form below for shipping orders. If you don't see a desired option or color available please email us directly.


For local orders picked up in SW Austin please email us directly for a quote. 

Our contact email is

Regarding material selection: PLA is great for aesthetic pieces, prototyping, and general use. PETG is great for structural pieces but sacrifices some aesthetic appeal. ASA is comparable to PETG and adds UV resistance. TPU is a flexible material but sacrifices aesthetic appeal. Resin (if available) is highly detailed but sacrifices strength and could require post processing.

If the Treatstock plugin above is not functioning it may be disabled due to a very large queue time.  In that case please reach out directly at for orders.

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